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Questions and answers :

Q. What is the mission of the Maintenance service ?
A. The maintenance group is charged to follow whether the clients are receiving detailed maintenance estimation 60 days before the expiration of their maintenance contract. It sends also estimation for each new software order in the 15 days following the delivery. The persons charged with the maintenance have also to answer to the price questions, to explain the multiple advantages which an active maintenance contract provides to the clients of IGE SA, and to resolve the different problems which are taken from the Clients service. However, its task does not consist neither to ensure a technical support nor to issue licence codes. Each group agency has a maintenance service.
Q. Is it the Maintenance service which processes the sending of the software and the generation of licence codes ?
A. No. It is the service charged with the conditioning of the updates, « Delivery Service», which in fact sends the software and generates your protection key.
Q. When we can contact the Technical support?
A. The group IGE-XAO dispose with multiple technical centres and the services of technical support are open for France from Monday to Friday, from 8H30 till 12H30 (in the morning) and from 13H30 to 17H30 in the afternoon at 0825 000 463 (except during the official holidays).
Q. What are the services covered by a maintenance contract ?
A. Refer to the section Program of software maintenance. You will profit of an unlimited access to the Utilisation assistance: more routinely called Hotline. This is a service where the technical supports give the answers to the questions connected to the exploitation or the functioning of the system. You will regularly receive updates. You can have access to a knowledge database. You will be alerted priory on the likely events which can affect your installation. In case you are concerned or in case of damage you will obtain help rapidly.
Q. Why should I sign a maintenance contract ?
A. All the clients of IGE SA have to sign or renewal their maintenance contract in order to benefit from the best return possible investment of their softwares of IGE SA and to make durable their investment. The products of IGE SA are determinative programs for the offices which are using them. Thanks to the updates of our software and to our service of Technical support, our clients are continually saving time and money. Only those who have signed the contract of maintenance obtain regularly the updates and the new versions. In case of a doubt or if there is something you want to ask, you can contact the technical support, and thus produce calmly. If necessary they can intervene to your PC.
Q. When we can obtain a new update after the software is expedited by IGE SA ?
A. For each client the CD-ROMs with the new versions can be expedited once they are ready, at the name and the address of the maintenance registered by us, after an enquiry to the Technical support or the Maintenance service.
Q. Minor or major versions, what is the difference
A. A minor version is a partial or complete version of a software program containing either the corrections or minor enhancement of the functionality. Currently these versions are called « patch » or « Service Pack » and are not automatically sent, but are available for download. A major version is a complete version of a software program including the new functionalities made by IGE SA, in the framework of the Progressive maintenance. Each version is identified by a specific number and is the subject of a reprogramming of the protection system.
However, the clients can call the Technical support and refer an enquiry in order to obtain the desired version on a CD-ROM, with a condition of an up to date maintenance contract.
Q. What is the nature of the modifications ?
A. These modifications correspond to the needs of the different natures.
Regulatory progress: Progress in relation to the specifications due to a modification of the legal texts (progress of the norm).
Corrective maintenance: Correction of certain reproducible errors reasonably. This allows providing the software programs with good quality of functioning.
Progressive maintenance : Ensemble of revisions, ameliorations. Provision of minor and major software programs, and update of the Documentation which is associated with them. These provisions include the ameliorations of the exploitation procedures, the minor developments, as well as certain analysis works and the functional progresses or technical which have to be realised in order to reply to the eventual users’ request’ and to be as close as possible to their work methods.
Q. What are the languages used by the Technical support of IGE SA ?
A. There are 9, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish and Bulgarian.
Q. How to get in touch with the Technical support service online ?
A. Once the maintenance contract is registered, register online from the Support page of the web site of IGE SA. You can also call the Technical support and ask this to an operator. Each client has to be able to decline his licence number, his client number in order that the password can be generated. These services, protected by a password are reserved exclusively for the clients having signed a maintenance contract. If your maintenance contract has to be terminated, your access and your password won’t function anymore.
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