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SEE ONE TEAM Maintenance:


The commitment SEE ONE TEAM Maintenance :

An essential know-how to your optimization.
The software programs of IGE+XAO are the programs needed for design, production and control of industrial installations. The human investment is considerable for mastering them. The use of these programs proves different according to the structure.
This is why IGE+XAO offers the commitment SEE ONE TEAM Maintenance, an indispensable and personalised accompaniment which will allow you to benefit from the competences and the experience of our technicians. A proper optimisation to your request for utilisation of your softwares IGE+XAO.

SEE ONE TEAM Support :

The group IGE+XAO makes available more than 45 technicians support using the same: more than just a simple Hotline, consultants at your disposal all over the world.

Periodical update :


  -  the programs
  -  the performances
  -  the quality

Corrections of the anomalies
Catalogues update
Constant improvement of the productivity in each new version
Exclusive delivery on the software Package :
Only IGE-XAO offers to its clients under contract deliveries on the purchase of a new software package.


Download of patches and updates
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The technical notes
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Our FAQ base is regularly updated.
Companies’ testimonials: The clients are testifying (see the rubric « Clients testimonies»).

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