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IGE+XAO in North America
IGE+XAO in North America:
>IGE+XAO in North America
IGE+XAO in North America

IGE + XAO Group U.S.A.
IGE+XAO in Canada
IGE + XAO Group U.S.A.
2540 King Arthur Blvd.
Suite 209-M
Code Poste: TX 75056
Tel: 972-410-3610
Cel: 972-215-9818
Fax: 972-410-3611

IGE+XAO North America Inc
7777, Boul. Louis-H. Lafontaine
Suite 201
Québec H1K 4E4
Montréal ( Anjou )
Tel: 514-353-3445
Cel: Toll-free : 1 866 SEE INFO (1 866 733 4636)
Fax: 514-353-6857

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IGE+XAO software publisher, Shaping the future of the Electrical PLM and CAD.
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